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Me a 31 Gifts Hostess?

Host a 31 Gifs Party!

You may think, “I’d like to host a Thirty-One party, but I can’t because…”

a.) I don’t have the time.
b.) I don’t know enough people.
c.) It must cost a lot of money to host a party.

Well, let’s examine these common misconceptions and see if they are fact…or fiction?

a.) Time:

-  A typical party lasts less than two hours (½ hour presentation, ½ to one hour to shop); the rest is up to you and your guests!
-  April orders over $50 get free shipping to each customer’s door – you don’t have to deliver a thing.
-  Busy women don’t always make time for “girl-time” – a party is the perfect opportunity to give this gift to your friends and yourself!
-  There are many gift-giving occasions in the next few months: Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings. You’ll need to shop for these gifts anyway – why not do it in the comfort of your own home among friends and earn some of them for free? You’ll save time AND money!

b.) Guests:

-  You actually know more people than you think! We like to use the “F.R.A.N.K acronym”: (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kid’s connections – babysitter, teachers, parents of their friends). Besides friends and family, consider how many people you come in contact with throughout your day. Your kids’ teachers, your hairdresser, that nice lady behind the counter at the dry cleaner’s, and many more. They’ll be flattered that you thought of them!
(I can help you quickly develop a guest list that just might surprise you!)
-  Encourage each of your guests to bring a friend – you’ll have higher party sales and earn more free products while making new friends at the same time.

c.) Money:

-  You can keep your refreshments simple. Your guests are interested in seeing you and the products, not the food. Chips or veggies and dip can be just fine!
-  Schedule your party between normal meal times (after dinner on weeknights or after lunch on weekends) so guests won’t be so hungry or expecting large amounts of food.
-  Have a friend who rivals Martha Stewart? Ask her to share her favorite treat with your guests and celebrate her contribution at your party!

Get Started!

So go ahead and host a party…you’ve got nothing to lose, and you’re sure to have a lot of fun! And when you host a $350 or $750 party in April, you’ll get great deals on items that are perfect for warm weather (which may be FINALLY on its way)!  Check Out the April Hostess Special

Just host and submit a $750 Party and earn a Picnic Thermal Tote AND Large Utility TOGETHER for $10! (That’s a $46 savings!) You’ll be prepared for all your summer trips, activities and picnics with both of these items.

And, if you host and submit a $350 Party, you’ll get the Picnic Thermal Tote for only $10! (That’s a $16.50 savings!)

Are there any Hostess Specials?

Looking Ahead to our May Hostess Special:

Something twice as nice is in full bloom…

Host a $500-$999 Party and….
You’ll be Seeing DOUBLE!

Double Rewards Mean Double The FREE Products!

Hostess Earning Chart

How do I Get Started?

I am currently available to do home shows in Delaware. Simply fill out my contact form with your desire party date and I will send you information to get started, include how to do eInvites!