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Mini Organizer 

Image of your small essentials here. Great for the kids’ art table or your scrapbooking supplies– store markers, pencils, scissors and more. Or finally clean out that “junk drawer!” Even put small kitchen utensils, cosmetics, or baby supplies in here. 6 exterior pockets; handles. Measures approx. 12″L x 7″H x 5″D. Choose from: Organic flower, Brown, Navy, Paparazzi Dot. (E2, additional $6)

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One Response to “Mini Organizer”

  1. admin says:

    Suggested usage from

    -I just LOVE the colors on this bag! I would use this to tote around my little ones cloth diapers in stead of just shoving them into my purse lol
    -I want one…love the design
    -I would use this to organize all my knitting projects
    -this would make an awesome project bag
    -I would use this to store arts and crafts. I do in home daycare and it would work great for storing markers, crayons, paint, glitter, brushes, pencils, ect!
    -I would love this bag!! It is perfect for taking snacks and a few small toys with us to keep kids occupied while running errands or waiting for food in a restaurant.
    -I would use this for going back and forth to work with all of my salon supplies! :)
    -I would probably use this one for my camera and all the little extras that go with it, love the colors.
    -I would have to give this to my daughter to use for her scrapbooking or taking papers to and from school that she has to grade for her students.
    -design is so cute. Use on my boat.
    -I would give this one to my five year old to store all of her bows, ribbons, hair ties, brushes and detangler. It would make a great hair care caddy in her room.
    -I’m a crocheter, so I would use this to carry yarn and all of my hooks, scissors, etc!! Love the pattern too!!
    -I would use this for our mini outting bag for dinners,etc! ♥ it and the colors
    -I can think of about 100 different things that I could do with this! :) First of all….CUTE! Actually, I’d probably use it for multiple different things..can’t waste all that cuteness on one thing you know? Probably kid supplies mainly :)
    -I would use it for a diaper bag… SUPER cute
    -cute! I would use it for scrapbooking supplies!
    -As a teacher, I would use this in my classroom as a little writing center kit. You could put notepads inside, then put the pencils, markers, crayons, etc…on the outside pockets! LOVE the cute pattern.
    -This bag would help me become so organized when I go places or even just at home.
    -i would use this bag to carry extra clothes for lil man when we went out and about.
    -This is super stylish & versatile, I would so use this on trips out with my clan of 5, which ages range from 6-17! Everything from a snack, a dsi, a magazine and wipes would fit perfect ~
    -very cute print:) I would use it for my scrapbooking or maybe even a diaper bag!
    -I’d use this to carry my pet supplies when we go out with them. We have one dog who had back surgery and that doesn’t matter much but she is allergic to bees. So when ever we take her out we have to carry her dexamethazone shot in case she gets stung (she has twice now in 9 years) and then we’d also carry their little things like water and natural bug spray………
    -With soccer season starting again, and me coaching my boy’s U6 team, this would be an excellent First Aid bag! All the little ones I’ve seen can’t stuff everything necessary, like bottles of betadine, or spray saline (for all those scraped knees). It would alos be the easiest bag to identify in a school of blue…”Someone’s hurt! Go grab Coach Kristin’s Nurse Bag!” (because I happen to be a nurse, too)…it would be beyond awesome. :)
    -This is so cute! The design is so perfect! I would use this to carry things that I need for all of my “in car” waiting that I do when I’m picking up my girls from various activities! It’s good to have many things available to help pass the time!! :)
    -This would make a great desk accessory for my classroom! I can load it up wth markers and pens! Everything a K teacher needs and the students will know just what I am asking for when I send them to get my marker bag!
    -This design is gorgeous> I can see this for organizing my crafting supplies.
    -I love this bag /tote . I love reading and so this would be great for me carring my books in.My son plays foot ball so when I go to practice i could put his water and our snacks in it also along with books and note book .I would use it for when I need more than just a purse . Putmy ipod in it camera for games . So useful . I need and want one . Jusy what every football mom needs …!!!
    -if you want to do an online party and tell everyone about it (and that they can get $1.00 embroidery this month), you will get FREE products! Let me know if you are interested.
    -This is adorable! I LOVE it!! I would use for when we go places. I have two kids, one gets car sick. So I have to make sure that no matter where we go I have a change of clothes for him. I would also use it to store some toys and such for the kids for the car rides.
    -because i love anything that can keep me organized!
    -I love the bright colors used! I need some organization in my life right now! It’s so chaotic!!! I would need a few of these! I’m a teacher, so I would use it to keep my teacher tools in there for easy access…my dry erase markers & eraser…

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